Kurt Cobain

Front man of a band near and dear to our teenage hearts. Ask anyone who was a teenager in the early 90’s and they’ll tell you, Kurt Cobain died along with their teenage angst. There is a lot of debate on how he died, be it murder or suicide, he is dead. We must remember him in life rather than death. While it may be his death date, let’s remember him in life, let’s start with his very own teenage years…

Kurt Donald Cobain, born February 20th, 1967 in a small tree chopping town in Washington, had a troubled childhood. His parents divorced when he was just 9 years old. He was greatly affected. Nothing says you love your child like giving them Ritalin so they aren’t themselves, and that’s just what Kurt’s mother, Wendy, did. Kurt Cobain had one blood sister, her name is Kim.

Young Kurt and Kim Cobain

Kurt’s father, Don Cobain, has now disowned Kim due to the fact that she is a lesbian. Kurt wasn’t Don’s ideal child either, Don wanted a football quarterback, and Kurt was the opposite being a skinny blond kid who drew Disney characters in art class. Kurt was artistic, and had to suppress his emotions and be macho, to be like his father. As a child and teenager Kurt found himself bouncing around between his mother’s and father’s homes, along with 4 sets of aunts and uncles, sleeping on friend’s couches, and it is said that he even slept in his car under a bridge. Kurt Cobain had a hard time in high school, with the jocks and expectations. Kurt had a friend group, including his high school friend and later musical partner Krist Novoselic. Kurt Cobain wasted 4 years of his life at Montesano high school.

Chad Channing(Early drummer of NIRVANA), Krist Novoselic, & Kurt Cobain, approximately 1989.

In 1989, NIRVANA released their first studio album. The album’s final title was “Bleach” after the “Bleach Your Works” drug campaign, but along with the band name itself, there were many thinking titles, namely “Too Many Humans”. This album never rose to major airplay anywhere except college radio stations until Nirvana rose to fame after “Nevermind”.

Kurt Cobain met Courtney Love January 12th, 1990 at a nightclub in Portland. It was said that they seemed as if they had known each other forever within minutes. Courtney Love, infamous in the grunge scene already, Kurt Cobain, there for his own gig, they both thought it was a match made in heaven. Kurt and Courtney, a now famous heroin couple, went together like ammonia and bleach.

NIRVANA’S second studio album was released in 1991. They chose the name “Nevermind” so they could avoid answering the question “Why was the album titled that?” Where Kurt would then respond “Oh well, nevermind.”The album cover, featuring a naked baby boy chasing a dollar under water, sparked controversy, people claiming Cobain was a pedophile for specifically requesting that it would be a boy. 


Cobain and Love got married in Hawaii, February 24th, 1992, just 4 days after his birthday. Kurt, being the ever so fashionable man he was, wore his pajamas, while Courtney wore a dress once owned by Frances Farmer. Courtney Love was 3 months pregnant with their only child, Frances Bean Cobain. Her name is Frances, after Frances Farmer, and Bean, due to the fact that she looked like a tiny kidney bean in the womb. Frances was born August 18, 1992.

Courtney Love, Dave Grohl, and Kurt Cobain on Kurt and Courtney’s wedding day.(Courtney also smoking while pregnant)

Courtney Love and baby Frances

Nirvana’s last studio album, titled “In Utero” was released in the fall of 1993. It is supposed to evoke the impatient feeling of a hospital waiting room, tense. This album features the only song without Cobain as main vocals. Instead, the drummer of the time, Dave Grohl, sings a song called “Marigold” that captures the waiting room greatly.

At the last show in Seattle, Cobain dedicated a cover of
The Vaselines’ “Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam” to River Phoenix and other celebrities who died young, and 4 months later that’s what he was, tragically dead at 27.


Rock n Roll Highschool

Screenshot (2).png

Currently 2:40 AM whilist I write this. I just finished watching Rock N Roll Highschool (The movie, with The Ramones). It is quite obviously my new favorite movie. I just wish my school would have a revolution, I wish the world would have a musical revolution, that’ll be day. You can watch the movie for free, possibly legally here.

I couldn’t shake the similarities between this movie and NIRVANA’S School. The kids get angry with the authority, they overthrow the school board. We need to rally enough free thinking minds in America’s high schools for something like this to happen, and maybe resurrect Joey Ramone.


Current Jam: Diamond Sea- Sonic Youth